OEM Dew Point Transmitter (EE355)

The compact EE355 Dew Point Transmitter with a measuring range down to -60 °C Td is ideal for applications in compressed air systems, plastic dryers and industrial drying processes. An integrated auto-calibration procedure permits a measurement accuracy of <2 °C Td. The measured values for dew point, frost point or ppm volume concentration are available on an analog 4-20 mA and a digital Modbus RTU output.


Measurement range -60...60 °C Td (-76...140 °F Td)
Response time < 5 min -20 °C Td ( -4 °F Td) → -60 °C Td ( -76 °F Td)
< 15 sec -60 °C Td ( -76 °F Td) → -20 °C Td ( -4 °F Td)
Supply voltage 18...28 V DC
Pressure range of use 0...80 bar

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents