Flameproof Fixtures

ACE Instruments manufactures a variety of Flameproof instruments to meet all flameproof instrumentation needs. All our flameproof instruments come in enclosures certified by CIMFR ( Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research) Dhanbad for use in Gas Group Areas I, II, IIA & IIB.

Our Comprehensive Range Of Solutions Includes

  • Flameproof Hooters

  • Flameproof ON OFF Push Button Station

  • Flameproof Reactor Vessel Lamps with LED

  • Flameproof Clean Room Lights

  • Flameproof Well Glass Fittings

  • Flameproof Telephones

  • Flameproof Outdoor Flood Lights

  • Flameproof Exhaust Fans

  • Flameproof Switch Sockets

  • Flameproof Rotary Switches

  • Flameproof Customized Junction Boxes

  • Flameproof DOL Stater...and may more