Differential Pressure Calibrator(PSI - PP1)

The Portable Differential Pressure Gauge Calibrator is a handy tool for calibrating differential pressure gauges & differential pressure transmitters.It comes with a hand operated pneumatic (Static Pressure) screw pump with 2 ports, one each for the Master & Instrument under calibration & a high accuracy imported Master Gauge for calibrating various types of Analog & Digital Gauges, Indicators & Transmitters. It is a perfect source for the HVAC engineer & calibration laboratories carrying out high precision calibration for differential pressure parameter.

The Portable Differential Pressure Gauge Calibrator is capable of generating upto 1 Bar Pressure & upto 400 mm. Hg. Vacuum, thus making it ideal also for various low pressure & rough vacuum instrument calibrations (Using separate Master Gauges). The imported portable master digital differential pressure gauge has various engineering units selectable from front keys for use in calibrating various instruments requiring several engineering units.

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents