8 Channel Data Logger(AI-800D)

Applications :

To Measure & Record various parameters like vacuum, pressure, Temperature, humidity & differential pressure in a single instrument


The instrument can at a time measure 8 inputs on its 8 channels. These inputs can be all 8 of one type (say all 8 of vacuum or Pressure or Temperature etc.) Or of different types (Eg: Channel 1 for Humidity, Channel 2 for Temperature Channel 3 for Differential Pressure & so on) Alternatively, the instrument can be used to read & record any 1 Input, on any 1 Channel & the remaining channels can be disabled using the Front keys. Similarly any number of channels can be enabled & Disabled to render the instrument as a 1 Channel/


The instrument can be used as a plane scanner where in the only purpose of the instrument is to display the input value from the sensors.

Scanner With Memory (Data Logger):

The instrument can be Provided with 5000 Readings Memory Built In for each of the 8 Channels & provided with any standard communication port (RS 232 or RS485) for Computer connectivity. The fully loaded Data Logger comes with Parallel Printer Port for direct printing onto 80/132 column Dot Matrix Printer, 5000 Readings Memory & any one communication port of your choice

Scanner With Printer Port :

The instrument can be provided with a Parallel printer port for printing directly onto a 80/132 Channel Printer Without using a computer. The print interval (time gap between Successive Printouts) can be programmed using the front keys..

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents