Siemens Flow Switch QVE1901


Siemens Flow Switch QVE1901 is suitable for liquid medium in HVAC plants. In hydraulic systems, in particular, refrigeration, heat pump and heating plants, e.g. for evaporators, boilers, heat exchangers, etc. It is a maintenance free device with high IP rating to provide a compact and durable solution for your flow monitoring requirements.

Applications :

Contact load / switching capacity: max. AC 230 V, 1 A, 26 VA max. 48 V. DC, 1 A, 20W

Nominal pressure PN25

Manual setting of contact type (NO / NC)

Housing IP 65 / safety class II

Specifications :

Suitable media


All liquids (not suitable for ammonia)

Piping diameter


DN 20...200

Type of switch


Reed contact

Max. contact rating


AC 230 V, 1 A / DC 48 V, 1 A Max.

Switching capacity


AC 26 VA / DC 20 W

Medium temp.


-20...110 °C

Nominal pressure


PN 25

Protection class


III according to EN 60730-1

External supply line protection (EU)


Fuse slow max. 10 A (or)Circuit breaker max. 13 A (or)Power source with current limitation of max.10 A

Operation and storage


-20...80 °C

Ambient humidity


<95 % RH

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents Download PDF

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