FLP Humidity and Temperature Indicator with Transmitter


ACE Instruments makes Flameproof Humidity and Temperature Indicator simultaneously measures % RH and Temperature in hazardous area applications. The Flameproof Display accepts 2 Analog Inputs of 4-20mA received from external flameproof humi-temp transmitter.

The external Humi-Temp Transmitter Model AI-RHT-D-EX gives 2 Analog Outputs one each for Temperature and Humidity. Optional RS 485 Modbus Communication is also available as an additional feature. The instruments finds immense usage in pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals , bulks, drugs, chemicals, warehouses, pharma clean room and other allied applications

Specifications :



Transmitter: AI-RHT-D-EX, Display Unit: AI-RHTA-FLP-LCD

Sensor Type


Polymer sensing for Temperature

Capacitive polymer sensing for Relative Humidity



Optional RS 485 Modbus Protocol Communication for BMS (Speak to ACE Instruments Team for details)



Fixed 0.1 for both Temperature and Relative Humidity



2 - line 128*64 Graphic LCD Display with MIN / MAX feature.

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents Download PDF

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