Flameproof Fixtures

ACE Instruments manufactures a variety of Flameproof instruments to meet all flameproof instrumentation needs. All our flameproof instruments come in enclosures certified by CIMFR ( Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research) Dhanbad for use in Gas Group Areas I, II, IIA & IIB.

Our comprehensive range of flameproof Fixtures includes

Flameproof Hooters

Flameproof ON OFF Push Button Station

Flameproof Reactor Vessel Lamps with LED

Flameproof Clean Room Lights

Flameproof Well Glass Fittings

Flameproof Telephones

Flameproof Outdoor Flood Lights

Flameproof Exhaust Fans

Flameproof Switch Sockets

Flameproof Rotary Switches

Flameproof Customized Junction Boxes

Flameproof DOL Stater...and may more

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