Clean Room Oxygen Monitor (AI-CL-O2)


The Ace Instruments Clean Room Oxygen Monitor is a flush mounted type online oxygen concentration indicator which is used extensively in pharmaceutical clean rooms , laboratories, confined spaces, hospitals, research institutes, mining & pharma machinery.

The clean room oxygen monitor comes with a 40mm. depth back body & a flush stainless steel front plate so that it can easily be flush mounted into PUF Panels of clean rooms or easily brick wall mounted. The clean room oxygen monitor is also available in a flameproof enclosure for use in explosion proof -flameproof areas , reach us for the detailed catalog.

Salient Features :

The clean room oxygen monitor measures oxygen levels from 0.0% to 25.0%

Oxygen Sensor used is a Japanese electro-chemical sensor with a 3 year expected operational life

The clean room oxygen monitor comes with a clear 4 digit LED display, 0.56” height

In-built buzzer alarm for alert in case of oxygen falling below recommended levels (user selectable limits). Buzzer acknowledgment switch provided on front plate.

4-20 mA Analog output for PLC integration optional relay ( to connect to PLC/VAV/Exhaust valve).

RS 485 Modbus communication to connect to BMS/EMS Systems.

Specifications :

Measuring Range


Standard 0….25% O2



+/- 1% F.S



4 digit, 0.56” High, 7 segment red LED display

Response Time


Approx. 15 seconds



Mirror finished front stainless steel flush plate with MS back box

Sensor Type


Japanese Electro-chemical type, quick response, no CO2 influence

Analog Output


4-20mA analog output for connection onto analog input cards on PLC/DDC



Built-in Buzzer with alarm for low and high limit violation alert & acknowledgement key

Power Supply


24 V.D.C, 350 mA/ Optional 230 VAC adaptor provided

Sensor Life


Approx 3 years, after which oxygen sensor is directly replaceable on field



RS 485 modbus protocol communication for connecting onto EMS/BMS/SCADA

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents Download PDF

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