Regarding Ace Instruments

Ace Instruments was established in the year 1991. Right from the start it was curated with technical expertise, field experience & product design innovation , with commitment to customer satisfaction & inherent business strength. We have a long standing tradition of making cutting edge instruments with rock-solid service support.

Journey of Ace Instruments

Ace Instruments was founded by Mr. Jagdish Sachdeva, a 3rd generation businessman with extensive experience in the engineering maintenance & instrumentation of Pharma & Bulk Drug Plants. Upon citing the lacunae in poor quality instrumentation available at the time, he went head long into designing & manufacture of process control instruments starting with a humble team of just 3 engineering graduates.

Mr. Chetan Sachdeva, continued the legacy of his father & went on to add 35 engineering graduates & a whole team of science graduates in the design, development & manufacture of instruments at their state of the art manufacturing facility at Industrial Estate Kukatpally, Hyderabad, right in the heart of the city. With experience of more than 25 years, the company is making inroads into the echelons of world ranking instrument manufacturing at their 7500 sq.ft electronic manufacturing & designing facility.

With concentrated efforts in design & R & D, we customize solutions for the Lifesciences, Hospitals, HVAC Pharma & Bulk Drug manufacturing facilities including a whole range of Clean Room Instruments, Flameproof Instruments & Process Control Instruments & Equipments.

Research & Development:

We have an enthusiastic group of R & D engineers who work tirelessly to get our instruments perfect in all aspects, inside out. With technologically advanced microcontroller platforms from world leaders ST Micro, Renesas & Texas Instruments, we take great pride in the intellect & hard work of our R & D team in bringing out our products which were just concepts into reality. Strengthened by the inputs of our vast field experience, the R & D team listens & understands the field issues faced by instrumentation & maintenance teams of the Life Sciences, Hospitals, HVAC Pharma & Bulk Drugs manufacturers & designs solutions which work without a flaw in the field.

Product range:

With core competence in Pharma Lifesciences, HVAC Pharma Bulk Drugs & Hospitals, we manufacture instrumentation solutions including but not limited to…

  1. Clean Room Instruments for measurement & monitoring/controlling of process parameters like temperature, humidity, differential pressure, air flow, Oxygen & CO2
  2. Flameproof Instruments for Temperature, Pressure, Vacuum, Humidity, Gas Monitoring, Data Logging & Synchronized Clocks
  3. Digital GPS or Ethernet Server Synchronized Clocks (Also available in Flameproof)
  4. Temperature, Pressure, Humidity , Flow, pH Data Loggers
  5. Sensors & Transmitters for Process parameters of Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Vacuum, Flow, Gases, etc.
  6. Magnehelic Gauges including Digital Gauges

We are also proud channel partners for Wika GmbH, Germany for their complete range of Pressure, Temperature & Level instrumentation in India.

Our customers include the pharma, bulk drugs, hospitals & HVAC industry stalwarts & we have listened intently to their requirements & built our products around their inputs & challenges. We have always received encouragement & appreciation for our products from our customers & they keep us in motivated & evolving.

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