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  Digital Pirani High Vacuum Gauges  
Vacuum Measuring Range : High Pressure Pirani Range 1000mBar to 0.001mBar (1 Micron) or 1 mBar to 0.001 mBar (1 Micron)
Principle : Pirani Principle Based on Thermal Conductivity of Gases to Measure Negative Pressure (Vacuum)
Gauge Head : Single Pirani Gauge Head with KF Clamp Optional Dual (Double) Gauge Head to Measure at 2 places with one instrument, Push Button on Front Panel to Toggle with LED Indication of Selected Gauge Head
Options : 1 or 2 Set Points with Relay Output
Accuracy : +/- 1 % of Reading
Display : 3 Digit 0.5” High Red LED
Power : 230 V.A.C., 50 Hz.
Size : 96 x 96 x200 mm (LxBxD)  
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