Sensor Type :
Polymer sensing for Temperature
Capacity polymer sensing for Relative humidity
Range :
-30 to +100 Deg. C typical for Temperature
0 to 100%RH typical for Relative humidity
Resolution :   Fixed 0.1 for both Temperature & Relative humidity.
Accuracy :
±0.5 C for 0 to 100 Deg. C for Temperature
±1.8% for 10 to 95% RH for Relative humidity. +/-2% for all other ranges.
Display :   
2 Line Backlit Display for Humidity & Temperature with Unit Display / Optional Without Display
Setting     By 4 keys inside the instrument (Optional)
Supply Voltage :   24VDC / 150mA.
Mounting : Standard Wall Mounting Type with Integrated sensor in Polypropylene Pipe / Special Fitment for Ovens/ Furnaces with sensor separate & display arrangement separate.
Sensor Housing : Nylon material OR TEFLON material (Length 85mm).
Cable Entry : 1 number of thermoplastic cable gland (IP-68) with clamping range of 2.5 to 6.5mm for four core cable
Dimension : 80(W) X 120(H) X 55(D) in mm
Cabinet : ABS (IP65) Enclosure
Weight : 800g. Approx.
Optional : Isolated RS485 Serial port with MODBUS RTU Protocol output for PC interface, 2X2 Wire 4-20 mA Output