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  32 Channel Scanner/Data Logger (Universal Input)  
Application: Temperature (Pressure, Vacuum, Flow, pH or any other measurement) measurement of 32/ 48 channels in 1 instrument along with printing output directly printing onto the printer without need for a computer. Data printed directly onto the 80/132 column printer includes date, time, channel number, temperature measured & alarm status of all channels. Options available include computer connectivity (RS 232, RS 485) and modbus with related softwares.
Input : Temperature (RTD Pt - 100 'J', 'K', thermocouple sensor) Vacuum or Pressure, Flow, pH, Humidity DC Current: 4 - 20 mA D.C. Voltage 0 - 10 V.
Display : 4 1/2 Digit Red L.E.D, 7 segment, 0.56" High.
Resolution : 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 selectable
Scan Time : 1 to 99 sec between channels (Field Programmable)
Calibration : Software Based for Individual Channel
Relay/ Alarm : 2 Relay Contacts for Alarm & Trip
Print Scan Time : 5 to 9999 sec between succusive printouts.
Alarm : Independent HI / Lo alarams for each channel.
Software (Optional) : Modchart Data Acquisition Software for Real Time Supervision, historical trend analysis & alarm reports
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